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Topic subjectI totally disagree
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20599, I totally disagree
Posted by Whanoon, Wed Nov-29-00 03:54 PM
Okay first I have to say I've only heard 2 minutes of quitter, but I think that Everlast has won this battle.
His rhyming style may not be the most interesting, but he HIT HOME with the shit he said about Eminem.

And what's so cool about telling all your fans to kick Everlast's ass? He sounds like a punk trying to get everyone else to jump on his bandwagon.

Don't be so sure Eminem would destroy Evidence.
We haven't seen Evidence riled up yet.
Eminem ain't all that.
Notice he didn't dis Rakaa?

"Just another crowd...we need a gathering instead"- Operation Ivy

"Smack it, but won't hurt it, nastee but not perverted"- Fatlip

"Me being fat and drunk is just the unspoken truth"- Ryan aka RGD2 aka Ralph de la Simpsons

"Limitless entrance, pay to the order of the cypher slaughterer my mic slappin you senseless"-Black Thought