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Topic subjectThat's good. Too late though:
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20593, That's good. Too late though:
Posted by nonseq, Wed Nov-29-00 08:17 AM
It's one of those things you do immediately, like Em called Puff before the Lopez rhyme came out on LP.

Their album's been out since when?

That's what I meant. They should have had a disclaimer on the album somewhere. Or a press release soon after. Or they should have called him. Point is, they moved too late. The Quitter joint was probably recorded before last week.

I mean, avoiding the beef may not have been that big a priority for them til now, who knows? Maybe the heard the leak before the rest of us and then wanted to squash. Imagine if they dis now though. Em can cut up the section of DFX where they give him props, like in Linda Tripp, and it will be over.

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