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Topic subjectThey brought it on themselves
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20591, They brought it on themselves
Posted by nonseq, Wed Nov-29-00 07:42 AM
Much like Clef got dissed by LL for being in the 2nd Round KO video playing announcer, Dilated opened themselves up for dissing by giving Everlast a forum in which to dis Eminem.

Now, had Em been given props in the liner notes, or a disclaimer, etc., they might have dodged the beef. But by letting Ford dis Em and not giving any pro-Em feedback, they're guilty by association for all dissing intents and purposes.

I was surprised Dilated let Everlast do that on their LP, frankly.

When Aristotle started beef with Defari, Em stayed way out of it, thereby preserving his relationship with the Likwit Crew.

Now? Who knows.

I've rooted for both Dilated and Eminem since they were indie cats, I just hope it stays on wax and no one gets physical.

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