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Topic subjecthold on.....
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20586, hold on.....
Posted by fatlip, Fri Dec-01-00 03:21 PM
before this goes anywhere where it's not supposed to, let me thank you, and say i love constructive dialogue......

i understand that distinction....

elvis - covered "devil music"
eminem - came up on his own skill.

so in this respect, elv and em are different, i agree. the thing is, whether intentional or not, em IS benefiting ALOT more than almost every other rapper (besides those who are appropriating themselves). and the shitty thing about elvis wasn't that he wasn't talented in writing.....it was that he benefited SO much more doing the same thing. it's kind of irrelevant what he was covering.....say he WAS skilled and wrote his own stuff in the same vein....he would still garner all types of accolades which every other black artist wasn't getting.

don't you think it's weird that eminem gets played on "alternative rock" radio???? this is a bad example cause radio has always been racist as hell.

but then, you're right, where is the line drawn? where does a talented white artist fall if he is genuinely skilled in a "black" artform????? i don't think it's as sinister as "elvis plotted to steal black music" or "eminem is a culture theif".....it's mass culture at large for giving them so much more.

was it all just babble????

peace spirit