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20574, RE: What!?!?>!
Posted by guest, Sat Dec-02-00 10:40 AM
>I think you got it wrong...
>First off, he's dissed Vanilla, who's
>changed a lot and was
>an amazing freestyler (didn't he
>beat out KRS?). He's
>dissed ICP, who's amazingly popular
>among the "freak" population.
>This is his second song
>about Everlast and now he's
>starting on Dilated...

one line in a song does not exactly constitute "battling" someone. All the people you just listed are people he devoted one or two lines to, just as I ALREADY stated. If you're as smart as you think you are, then you know that he only dissed ICP because they dissed him, and he responded with -what?- a verse?. He only dissed Everlast because Everlast dissed him. Sooooo, why this theory about him battling any white rapper? It is simply inaccurate and I pointed that out. Don't get pissed off at me...