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Posted by CH, Fri Dec-01-00 11:20 AM
Nope..not at all. I apologize if my response was edgy...

I used to think Em was gonna be great...he had good lyrics, and so on. But, when the second CD came out, I listened to it and just got turned off to Em. It was humrous, but nothing special, and really kinda childish.

Then, he starts beef with people...unfortunately for my postings, the people he was starting beef with were all the white rap acts out there, past and present.

I don't like Em because he's just not real to me...He's a loud mouth kid. He's the kid who's always startin fights at the party, you know what I mean? He goes around causing as much beef as he can, and then when he gets hit back hard, like Everlast did to him on "Whitey's Revenge,", he's starts crying like a little girl.

I just don't like him...his music, or anything he does, really. Perhaps I'll change my opinion in the future, but probably not. If he's around in 10 years, I'll change my mind...

And D12, I don't they have much talent either...they are just kinda tag-a-long's riding Eminem's coattails to fame. Like a bunch of backup singers. Where the idea came up that I didn't like them because they were black, I have no idea. Following that logic, I would have hated the last House of Pain CD, because Divine Styler and Cockni O'Dire and Sadat X were on it...and I loved that album. When I saw Up in Smoke, which I ony really went to see because I wanted to see WestSide Connection, Em and D12 came out. It was a laughing matter...Em ran around rapping, two guys held an American Flag with D12 written on it, and the other guys just ran around and did nothing....

A lot of people get into their own musical scene, and then something like this breaks and they start commenting on it.
I have no real idea what happened between Common and Cube, so I'm not going to comment on it. But a lot of folks get a big brain and start commenting on shit they have no idea about...because they are so tied up in their own musical area. I've seen so much misinformation on this subject, because some people just don't know what's been going on....and it's irritating.

A lot of the people on this board are posting, and never even heard Whitey's Revenge off MP3 Napster.

So, there, no skin color involved, and I'm not hung up on it. The people who made first mention were not me...If I was so worried about it, I wouldn't be at the Okayplayer show in Atlanta, the J5/Dilated show, the Common show, Micranauts, and so on....not to mention all the other shows I hit where, God forbid, I'm one of the only white kids in the place...and I know that irritates some people at the show, but good music is good music, good message is good message, and God sees no color.

I'm discussing issues...not race, because that's a subject that desn't belong.

If you wanna email me and discuss this offboard, just hit me up at whitethugz_productions@hotmail.com



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