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Posted by CH, Fri Dec-01-00 09:01 AM
No disrespect, but...

Frst off Vanilla Ice was known to be a great freestyler back in the day. ICP is big with a lot of kids (not me personally). XSM is a great group, and my quotes are by a group of Italians, and two Irish guys.

Notice that the people that Em is dissin are mostly white...

Second, sounds like someone else brought race into this, not me. :) I think the only "racist" is the person who calls into question my quotes and musical tastes...because I like Lordz of Brooklyn, HOP, and am helping out with a website called "whitethugz.com" (and our webdesigner is African-American).

So, no, race doesn't mean anything to me. DOes it to you?
I've seen Em and D-12 in concert and they were terrible...You couldn't make those guys good if you made Talib their writer, made them all purple, and then gave them long straight blonde hair. They sucked (in my opinion) no matter what race they are.

So, does that answer?

the website is being built right now

"What's yours is yours and I take what's mine/It's about organized fuckin' crime"
-Lordz of Brooklyn

"While you raggin' on all the people you blasted, I'm askin' how many days have you fasted?"