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Topic subjectRE: true indeed.
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20564, RE: true indeed.
Posted by Abbstrack, Sat Dec-02-00 06:17 PM
yo jay smooth, whats the deal....yo, whats the deal with the underground railroad?...me and my man used to be on the phone every tuesday nite @ 10:00 back in 92,93, and 94 like "yo u heard that?...u heard what jay smooth played?....i remember u had the UTD's on there, back when MY KUNG FU came out...i still got some of them joints on tape...matter fact, i got your freestyle on tape...lol..u said something bout dont try to be biggie with your small stuff...yo okayplayers..im not dickriding, but i miss real hip hop sh*T...yo wait till i tell my man i tracked down j-smooth...thats funny shit..peace yo...oh by the way, ufck eminem...i dont even thing i fit his target audience...at least as far as those lp's are concerned....he's got lyrics, but i guess he cant avoid that poppy appeal that comes from having platinum hair.."thong thong thong thong thong"...maybe he should lose the do, just spit lyrics...and i think he'd be wise to leave the okayplayers alone...i dont think its in his best interest to aim at a camp that includes thought, kweli, common, and stretches out to even mos def and the dead prez...(who i think would shoot eminem on sight anyway)


"Who the cap fit, let them wear it"...Bob Marley