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20430, RIGHT...
Posted by asighn4jane, Mon Jan-01-01 11:37 AM
i read in a "rolling out" paper...{u know those free papers w/like 3 staff members}...like forever ago that she was engaged {to lyzel}...i thought it was just KNOWN that she was...*shrugs*

but jill has to know...everyone is goin to get compared to somebody for whatever reason...those particular comparisons were inevitable...& i personally don't see them bein disappointment worthy...but that's me & my mutual respect for them both

"knowin that marvin died the night before his birth is why i hurry"...jessica Care moore

~theHIghestKoUp~blk sunshine~

~as is~
'as is'
i don't want u
so i'm finna leave u as u were

i got this yabba doo nigga
tryin to run over me w/his barefeet
done knocked the bedrock frum my body
draggin my ass 'cross the concrete

somebody's baby had to teach ya how to treat me
we can't keep sacrificin the children
unto the lesser mans
niggarow u gotta learn to love
more than what u hold in ur hands
every friday u worshippin
the snake eye'd god
niggah get off yo knees
saturday morn u come home broke
now nig u wanna use my blood to baptise me
somethin's got to give
somethin's got to change
more than the jingle jangle in yo pocket