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Topic subject"Jill Scott Gets Engaged" swipe
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20426, "Jill Scott Gets Engaged" swipe
Posted by guest, Sun Dec-31-00 06:09 PM
not to be spreading rumors, or maybe i'm just late on this news. swiped from vibe.com. thought it was interesting.

Jill Scott Gets Engaged:
During a recent interview with VIBE Online, neo soul artist Jill Scott announced that she was engaged to man named Lyzel. She also expressed her current views on the state of the music industry and her slow climb up the charts. Scott said, "I think that it could use some growth. I think it often times is directed towards the entertainer and not the artist." She added, I don't feel slept on. I think the best meal takes time. I went gold and that's incredible in 14 weeks."

Scott also expressed her dislike about being compared to fellow neo-soul artist Erykah Badu. She stated, "I'm not upset, but just disappointed. I'm obviously different. We don't sound a like, look alike, or act a like." She will also be collaborating with Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish on his forthcoming solo project. Who Is Jill Scott? was released in July and is currently ranked at number 96 on Soundscan.

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