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Topic subjectKilling Common's Career...Dont Think So
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20405, Killing Common's Career...Dont Think So
Posted by guest, Wed Dec-27-00 06:16 PM
you're right about one thing, macy gray has no street credibility whatsoever. as for the rest, you couldn't be any more wrong. macy gray provided soulful sounds to the track and common displayed his lyrical skill yet again. as for his wardrobe in the video i have to say it was tight, for him. most people couldnt get away with sportin that type of gear but he pulled it off. macy on the other hand looked terrible. that thing she wore looked like trash and she probably could have pulled it off anyway but that hairstyle was NOT working for her at all. as for the glittering lights i think it provided a celestial look that was consistant with the heavenly theme.
to sum it up. aside from macy gray's outrageous appearance common made his presence felt and the video went along with the track. once again Nzingha Stewart shows her directorial prowess my making another great video

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