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Topic subjectRE: Killing Common's Career
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20393, RE: Killing Common's Career
Posted by DeeX, Mon Dec-25-00 03:15 PM
>What am I talking about?
>What the FUCK is with
>the "Ghetto Heaven" remix?
>Could the song be any
>wacker? Well, the
>obvious answer is yes, when
>it's paired with the ridiculous
>video. Something to ponder
>for anyone affiliated with this
>atrocity (talking to you, Labelguy):
>Common has spent his entire career
>dodging the "hip-hop for white
>people" label. The success
>of LWFC is based on
>one single, "The Light," that
>goes a long way to
>confirming the most self-conscious fears
>of all the thugs and
>suburban wanna-be thugs that Common
>is soft as shit.
>Hip-hop artists that alienate their
>core audience fade away, LL
>Cool J notwithstanding.
>With all this in mind, what
>good could possibly come
>by pairing Common with a
>singer with zero street credibility
>and that most hip-hop fans
>find more than a little
>wack? And, if you
>had to make the remix
>that way, was putting Common
>in some funkless, oranged out,
>early 80s graphic design wanker
>computer shitstorm the way to
>promote it?

Does the bad pairing thing work in reverse order? Will Macy lose her singer credibility by working with Com,Mos Def and Guru?

>Whoever's responsible for this, know that
>you've managed to take one
>of the most talented MCs
>in the game and put
>him into a situation where
>he looks wacker than "Pumps
>and a Bump" era Hammer.
> This is an entirely
>short-cited attempt to squeeze as
>much life out of LWFC
>as possible with zero respect
>for Common's long-term success, which
>he's worked so hard to
>build. My main hope
>is that no one sees
>or hears this video--maybe it
>won't piss off hip-hop's base
>that way, and Com can
>lick his wounds and come
>back strong on the next
>album. My fear, though,
>is he's going to get
>tagged with this atrocity the
>way PE got tagged for
>their Anthrax cover. Credibility
>evaporated, game set match.

Anyone who tagged PE with some label and took away their credibility just because they did a song with Anthrax didn't listen to "She Watch Channel Zero", tracks from Yo Bum Rush the Show and Run DMC's stuff.

>My secondary hope is that all
>parties responsible for this remix
>get the pink slip to
>go along with their XMas
>bshelly: whiter than Eminem, and just
>as angry
>"You won't see me, you won't
>SEEEEE me." --Dinosaur Jr.