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20392, wack audiences
Posted by BigWorm, Mon Dec-25-00 10:57 AM
that's a HUGE problem with mainstream music. Most underground heads that turn their noses on mainstream music do so for two main reasons: 1) radio and video wears it out, 2) they think the audience for a certain band is wack.

Judging the quality of the music is a distant third.

Granite, I've fallen into that trap before, it really is a bullshit prejudice. It's as if people feel as though listening to certain music will put you in cohoots with groups that you don't like. Like if you listen to DMB long enough you'll turn into a beer guzzling, date raping frat boy. Or if you love the cash money millionaires, one day your pants will sag down to your knees, you'll rock the bling bling on your wrists, sport du rags and gold-cap all your teeth.

From rap to punk rock it's always the same story.


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