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Topic subjectRE: Killing Common's Career
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20390, RE: Killing Common's Career
Posted by BigWorm, Sun Dec-24-00 07:21 PM
This is so stupid.

It's okay if you don't like the Ghetto Heaven remix. It's okay if you don't like Macy Gray.

It's even all right if you don't like the new direction Common's taking, or how his wardrobe seems to have drastically changed since One Day It'll All Make Sense.

But please. You don't know Common personally. You can't judge what he would or wouldn't do.

Pairing songs based on 'street cred' is music executive bullshit. It's silliness only to be found in the rap game. Good artists should work with any other good artists if the product is good music. That's the way music progresses.

Why hate on Macy Gray. The fact that she's black and her music gets played on black and white radio stations isn't her fault. So she gets more exposure, fine. If you don't like her voice fine but to judge her on media status is wrong. That's just as bad as the heads who attack eminem because he's a white rapper, instead of judging him on his skills.


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