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Topic subjectI hate to even respond to this but
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20387, I hate to even respond to this but
Posted by L_O_Quent, Sun Dec-24-00 08:58 AM
I have to...

Okay I'm tired of seeing this Com hating going on so damn much. It's A song, as in one and if you don't like it you don't like.

Let's try that- I don't like it. Now doesn't that feel better. I personnally feel the hell out of it. But it seems pple want to read a little to damn deep into the "meaning" of this song. I think it was stated on another post but Com didn't change the lyrics or anything and D'angelo dropped out on it so what's the big deal?
You don't like Macy Grey, fine don't like the song but I'm sure that Com isn't going to be VH1's darling anytime soon so chill.

Hey if you think hip hop is only supposed to be for a certain group then you have it wrong, shit I went to Mos' concert and stood next to a 40 year old history teacher looking cat that not only felt Mos he said every single word of every song and tapped me when the first chords on a new song started on some that's my shit type steez. It's music. Not a country club.

Relax, if Com starts talking about slinging crack and thuggin' then you can worry. Otherwise I'm sure that his career isn't being flushed down the toilet, unless I haven't heard about his song with NSync.


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