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Topic subjectIts really actually funny...
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20384, Its really actually funny...
Posted by guest, Sat Dec-23-00 11:36 AM
i was just listening to that joint for the first time last nite....man i am not feelin this one Com, but anyhow....i used to like Macy...but to me her whole style has kinda changed, he voice hasn't, but her style has...Im no sure anymore...but i don't know why the original joint wasn't the joint on the radio...D and Com made a much better song with the original. I love Common to death....i know i don't really need to tell you why...just listen to him...but that choice for that song man...its not your best work...oh....one more thing...its funny how some people start getting upset that an underground artist is getting airplay or gettin inot the mainstream...I myself always say "aww man, this shit is gonna be so mainstream now, ALL of america who love mainstream hip hop is gonna like this now...damn..but you know...im happy for the artist, i don;t know why i get upset when i se potential turn kinetic...but hey...bless you Com and all the struggling artists...you and many other artists out there have made a change in my way of seeing things. oh one more question for ?uest, Com is Jay-Z's favorite mc right now...no shit???!! crazy!