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Topic subjectRE: The video is weak!
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20383, RE: The video is weak!
Posted by guest, Sat Dec-23-00 11:20 AM
>That shit looks like one of
>those "make your own video"
>shits at Great Adventures. The
>song is cool, not a
>favorite-and not totally because of
>Macy- although I beleive she
>is a shoe in for
>the "NEGRO Of The Year:Illusion
>of Inclusion Award"(just ahead of
>Sisqo) from those good ol'
>whitefolk that just were dying
>for her to do a
>collabo with Rosie O'Donnel.

That's funny, cause when I heard the Ghetto Heaven Remix I thought it sounded like it belongs on Rosie O'Donnell's Christmas album or something. If they ever wanted to put a rap song on one of Rosie's Christmas joints, I bet you could sell that on there.