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Topic subjectThe video is weak!
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20382, The video is weak!
Posted by dayzblack, Sat Dec-23-00 08:48 AM
That shit looks like one of those "make your own video" shits at Great Adventures. The song is cool, not a favorite-and not totally because of Macy- although I beleive she is a shoe in for the "NEGRO Of The Year:Illusion of Inclusion Award"(just ahead of Sisqo) from those good ol' whitefolk that just were dying for her to do a collabo with Rosie O'Donnel.
Anyway back on topic, Comm looks like he is doing what it takes to break through that platinum ceiling, and we all here at OKP would love to see that wouldn't we? But, Com after you do that can you please drop a fuckin' white label/Napster distributed hand on your balls banga for us. "wtf is Com doing?!" cats in the streets. "Why a nigga when he conscious gotta get all smoove?" It's the questions, it's the questions...