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Topic subjectStreet cred = Broke????
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20380, Street cred = Broke????
Posted by mellow, Sat Dec-23-00 08:02 AM
Opinions on com's latest remix and lp are all subjective. It's cool to love it or hate it. But let's look at 1 point for the moment - Street cred.
So some people in here feel he's losing street cred with his recent projects.
Okay, so it's safe to assume that some of his early works gave him the rep.
If you were to take it from com's perspective for a sec (this is my assumption, not necessarily his), I assume com's been in the game for about 10years. Probably bustin' his ass to be heard and respected. In the meantime, he's sharpened his skills (which is more important than anything else), and progressed steadily.
so com gets acclaim by the streets for can i borrow a dollar or ressurection. That's cool.
But that street rep didn't necessarily translate into financial stability.
His latest release has most likely outsold all off his 3 previous lp's combined. So that's a good thing on many fronts.
I don't think com damaged his rep with his latest works, but enhanced it. We all know com has raw skills, but he also shows how he can challenge himself to raise his own "standards".
How many people do you know want to be the same thing for the rest of their lives. Not many, we all change as we age (good or bad). Why would you want com to stay the same way and spit the same shit over and over??
Would you like to see com being a middle-aged guy performing in little clubs opening up for some local acts doing his street cred. hits and still living with his moms????
Just look at jungle brothers, Run DMC for example. The only way jungle brothers are still making money is performing at raves doing "girl i'll house you". Same as Run DMC, all their doing is performing their early shit. Why? because they both haven't progressed. They stayed within their little public's bubble of perception.
Though com's early works are excellent, I wouldn't want to see him rely on just those hits. Progression means longevity.
There are 2 scenarios that an artist has to confront to "put food on the table";
An artist does well with their classics, getting booked for shows and radio play.
When that interest dies down, then the artist has to somehow rediscover themselves to stay in the game (i.e. Jungle brothers V.I.P. lp, going from hip-hop to breakbeat style). If that doesn't work, then it's time for them to start looking for real work (i.e. chi-ali; working in the mailroom of some office tower.).
The second alternative is not to rest on the laurels of your previous successes, and challenge yourself to make the music relevant to what your feeling at the time.
As an artist, you want to choose what direction you are going to, and not let your direction be chosen for you by what's hot at the moment. All in all, i'd say the most successful acts are those that keep their fans guessing as to what they'll be coming out with next (i.e. the roots). Being predictable will gain success (i.e. R.Kelly), but it won't guarantee longevity.