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Topic subjectjust wondering, mister wizard,
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20379, just wondering, mister wizard,
Posted by guest, Mon Dec-25-00 07:27 PM

>In classic OKP fashion Com and
>alot of his fansand (some
>crew) have mistaken Change for
>Growth. Regardless of what he's
>going through personally, and all
>that to me this record
>doesn't represent growth.

>Different is not
>always better some cats need
>to stick to turntables and
>Mp's, and stop trying to
>be D'angelo
>(whose second record did represent real
>growth) as opposed to easy
>listening foolery thats not fooling
>Okay bring on the bullets

no bullets...just questions...What determines "change" and what determines "growth?" Better yet, "WHO" determines either one?

just wondering
peace, nappyhead

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