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Topic subjectps: I like the remix
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20377, ps: I like the remix
Posted by spirit, Sat Dec-23-00 10:23 PM
I just don't understand the need to dis Common's prior work to response to criticism of his current work, so i had to respond to that.

I like the video too, EXCEPT for the sleeveless sweater. HA.

all the other clothes are way different, but still sort of pimp-like. :-)

(i'm kidding, pimps suck)

(and the way pimps dress sucks even more)

(buuuuuuuut if com is gonna do the 70's thing, the fur coats and stuff do it well enough...)

("hey brother, let me grow!" - Com, in sleeveless sweater, rocking a fur diaper, at the video shoot for Black Thought's new single)

- Spirit

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cause y'all ain't moving me
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when you want it done hot
comparing you to me
is a lesson in futility, stop
I paint pictures beautifully
but n----s is near-sighted
don't worry about plagairism
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get over!
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relatively easy (Eazy)
like Jerry Heller"

Jay Z, "Drama" (white label)