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20376, reality check
Posted by spirit, Sat Dec-23-00 09:58 AM
everything the Quester said made sense UNTIL

>and judging from his earlier videos,
>i wasn't all that impressed.

I'm sorry, chief, but the "Ghetto Heaven" remix is not the best of Common's videos. It may be the most expensive, but it ain't the best. I kinda favor the "Resurrection" video myself (with the editing cuts matching the DJing cuts and all the down home shots of folks in Chicago). The "Sixth Sense" video, although sorta similar in content to X's "What You See..." video, is pretty ill.

>so at the rate where money
>is still himself ("i used
>to love her's" music was
>soft jazz, not rza's fodder;
>and lines like "and i
>am about to ex-plo-o-o-ode!" where
>hardly things of freddie foxx

hold the phone again. my copy of "one day" got stolen, but if memory serves "hungry" was harder (uh-oh, there goes the h-word) than anything on LWFC and Com's lyricism throughout "resurrection" was way more intricate (in terms of double and triple meanings) than 90% of LWFC. Depending on what kind of lyricism you dig, Com has either come up or dumbed down (Resurrection for the double meaning fiends, LWFC for the concept song fiends).

>what is credible? what is street
>cred? hot boys get much
>love in the streets...

I'll tell you this, bruh, Com wearing that sleeveless sweater did elicit a bit of clowning from some of the regular DC cats I know who have seen the video.

>dmx gets love in the streets.

probably due in part to the fact that he never wears sleeveless sweaters. HA.

It's all good. I like Andre's crazy dressing ass, so I gotta let Com skate on that too.



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