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Topic subjectRE: well judging from his past record sales......
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20374, RE: well judging from his past record sales......
Posted by Maverick, Fri Dec-22-00 02:40 PM
if you don't like the song and video that is your opinion but i think you are over exaggerating...I don't think workin with Macy is going to alienate Com's base supporters because if they have followed him then they know that he does not follow any trends and pushes the envelope artistically...therefore the fact that "90% of hip hoppers won't work with Macy", or whatever you said, is irrelevant...And also, i am what you would consider a backpacker and i love Macy's album...I think she is a very talented artist and song writer...Also, i don't see the Erykah Badu comparisons...Her album reminds me not in the least bit of anything that Erykah has ever come out with...The video is not a problem either as i see it...It is an alternative to all the bullshit videos with hoes in bikinis and wack emcees flashin jewels in the camera...Anybody that likes good music will not have a problem with the song...Those people that you say are going to think Com is "soft" are the ones bling blingin, are like their emcees to bark alot...and if you remember 1' 2 (from one day...), you will know how much Com cares about being considered "hard"...like the man said, let him progress, he is more successful than ever and his music is a good and soulful as ever...so i don't see the problem...he is in no danger of being considered a sell out...also, your comments about Macy's core audience not being supportive of Com...First off, i don't think that is true...I mean they just completed a tour together and at least at the show i went to Macy's fans gave much love to Com...Second, even if they are not supporters of Com, maybe that is the point, to bring two different audiences together...like BEP says, maybe they are trying to "bridge the gaps"...and i think they are being pretty successful at it...i mean the man is gettin love at mtv, bet, the radio, and is a fond as ever still in the hearts of us underground heads...so i guess what i am sayin is that your opinion of the song is fine, if you don't like it you don't like it...but your talk of a this being a bad career move and that he is going to be considered "soft" and that he might be labeled a "sell out" i think that talk is pretty ignorant...but that is just my two cents....peace

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