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Topic subjectthey had a video for that?
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20371, they had a video for that?
Posted by reefdogg, Sat Dec-23-00 10:01 PM
Ask some random person
>in your local record store's
>hip-hop section about "Invocation" and
>see if they remember that
>as Common song or recall
>the video at all (backed
>with "hungry").

news to me ...

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nas is like ...

i scream at the mirror, curse, asking god, why me? / run in the black church, gun in my hand, y'all try me / i'm god son, son of man, son of marcus garvey / rastarfari ari, hail ali salasi / police try to break us, but the streets rasied us / it takes more than metal bars, we're destined for ours / i hear murder plans from dope fiends, with elephant hands / snot's in their nostril, the block is hostile / there's no pots to piss in, blocks is spit / rocks is cookin, underground bodies stiffening, cops lookin / bird shit, droppin on the window pane / the oxygen is cocaine, it drove lots of men to die with no name / i've been on boats, nut down throats, pee on bitches who are famous / pretty dick, leavin stitches in their anus / i'm the animal that hugh heffner created / the only nigga that sade dated, the most hated, nas nigga

i heard you fags wanna catch me off guard, put techs in my heart / the death of escobar under ya rep, whispers in the dark / i hear it cause the street ain't loyal to choose sides / prepare for the beef whoever lose dies / rich and i'm thuggin, i can't trust nothin / this bitch that i'm fuckin, this clip that i'm bustin / could jam in my fist, look at my hand / fingered pussy more expensive rings cut coke cookies / wrote poetry and broke noses b / voices heaven, i'm god son, of course a legend / this is part one, speak my sermon, the hood reverend / blunted eyes red, see ass a hundred times five res / cds blast, speed fast haters drop dead / i'm gorgeous, black artist flip the armrest and grab the cordless / somebody stacks the best, ass is flawless / finally the long awaited shit ghetto people / the sequel, nas, cnn, nobody's equal

noreaga is like ...

b eeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzeeeeee, keep the club off the heeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzeeeeeee, see us thuggin in the back, drinkin greeeeeeezzzzzeeeeeeee, see we still smoke trrrrreeeeeeeeeezzzzzeeeeeee, see us rippin the shows with darryl eeeeeeeeezzzzzzeeeeeeeeee