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Topic subjectRE: well judging from his past record sales......
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20370, RE: well judging from his past record sales......
Posted by bshelly, Sat Dec-23-00 11:31 AM
>to the contrary, bshelly was apparently
>saying that rocking with macy
>gray in outer space in
>a video IS trying to
>be someone common is not.
>bshelly, holla if i have
>misinterpreted you.

Pretty much you hit it on the head, but I should clarify. From the tone of ?uest's posts and the updates when this idea was first floated, I doubt the idea to collaborate with Macy was Common's. As someone else said, Macy is this year's winner of the Acceptable Black Artist Sweepstakes, and I think some misinformed soul at MCA thought that Macy has a young, hip-hop friendly audience. She doesn't. She has a 88.5 WXPN, safe soul for older and funkless white folks appeal. Nothing wrong with that, and her album's nice and sweet. But there's nothing on it that's going to speak to either a younger urban audience or a high school football playin' whitey from Iowa. It's a bad choice, commercially, and artistically she brings mediocrity to the table. Safe, tepid songs that don't challenge the listener at all. I can't see Com calling her up and wanting to collab. This reeks of an industry type who understands neither music nor marketing.

And the question of whether or not Common stayed true to himself collaborating with Macy is somewhat irrelevent. We all have true thoughts, potential actions, and creative impulses that we put the kaibosh on every day, because we know they're ultimately self-destructive. Even if he really, really wanted to hook up with Macy, Com should have used some discrestion. But, again, I don't buy the notion that this was Com's idea. Whoever gave him the advice to hook up with Macy should damn well know better--it'd be silly if it weren't setting Com's career back.

Oh, and ?uest should stop taking every criticism of some aspect of a project he's involved in as a sweeping inditement of his entire life. I said I didn't like Macy and the video--never said nada about your production. Simmer down.

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