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Topic subjectRE: well judging from his past record sales......
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20369, RE: well judging from his past record sales......
Posted by spirit, Sat Dec-23-00 10:07 AM
>Common doesn't owe
>anything to the "streets".

"sending smoke signals to let the streets know I'm with em" - Common, "The 6th Sense"

You were saying?

>doesn't have to pledge some
>sort of allegiance to the

see above quote.

he apparently thinks he does.

Personally, i'm feeling the
>song and the video(the director
>of the video is absolutely
>beautiful as hell), if you
>aren't, that's your option, but
>to think his career is
>in jeopardy because he doesn't
>try to be somebody he's
>not(like most studiogangsta m.c.'s) is

whoop-whoop! reading comprehension police, pull over. no one said Com should have tried to be someone he is not.

to the contrary, bshelly was apparently saying that rocking with macy gray in outer space in a video IS trying to be someone common is not. bshelly, holla if i have misinterpreted you.

The video was real
>nice and I like the
>concept. You don't have to
>act like a fool and
>prove you're from the "streets"
>to have a career in
>hip hop. We gotta get
>over that mentality.

yeah, we do have to get over that mentality. but right now, that mentality sells records and Com's getting with Macy was a strategic attempt to get him to a wider demographic (if it wasn't, he could have gotten some talented unknown singer to do the hook, like Rebekah...or Chantay Savage...ha).

Okay, anyway...

I don't think this will affect Common at all because most people who buy records have zero attention span. I talk to people about songs that came out a year ago and they barely remember. It's sad. Ask some random person in your local record store's hip-hop section about "Invocation" and see if they remember that as Common song or recall the video at all (backed with "hungry").



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