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Topic subjectRE: well judging from his past record sales......
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20368, RE: well judging from his past record sales......
Posted by guest, Fri Dec-22-00 12:29 PM
>The "streets" is no
>"role model". Common doesn't owe
>anything to the "streets". He
>doesn't have to pledge some
>sort of allegiance to the

I think he's already done that in various songs and lyrics though. From what I read his whole defence of being homophobic was "I'm from the 'streets'" (not quite those words though). I'm not saying Common should act "street", LWFC is classic to me, but you can't discount the value of "street" cred anymore than the value of good music. Just cause Common is doing something different from what the "streets" want or what "radio" wants doesn't make it good.