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Topic subjectRE: well judging from his past record sales......
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20367, RE: well judging from his past record sales......
Posted by guest, Fri Dec-22-00 11:20 AM
Mann, Common's video and the remix is real nice. This entire idea of street credibility is bullshit. The "streets" is no "role model". Common doesn't owe anything to the "streets". He doesn't have to pledge some sort of allegiance to the "streets". Personally, i'm feeling the song and the video(the director of the video is absolutely beautiful as hell), if you aren't, that's your option, but to think his career is in jeopardy because he doesn't try to be somebody he's not(like most studiogangsta m.c.'s) is ridiculous. The video was real nice and I like the concept. You don't have to act like a fool and prove you're from the "streets" to have a career in hip hop. We gotta get over that mentality.