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Topic subjectKilling Common's Career
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20364, Killing Common's Career
Posted by bshelly, Fri Dec-22-00 09:17 AM
This has probably been covered, but I don't come here much, I didn't find an old thread, and I just saw this atrocity last night.

What am I talking about? What the FUCK is with the "Ghetto Heaven" remix? Could the song be any wacker? Well, the obvious answer is yes, when it's paired with the ridiculous video. Something to ponder for anyone affiliated with this atrocity (talking to you, Labelguy):

Common has spent his entire career dodging the "hip-hop for white people" label. The success of LWFC is based on one single, "The Light," that goes a long way to confirming the most self-conscious fears of all the thugs and suburban wanna-be thugs that Common is soft as shit. Hip-hop artists that alienate their core audience fade away, LL Cool J notwithstanding.

With all this in mind, what good could possibly come by pairing Common with a singer with zero street credibility and that most hip-hop fans find more than a little wack? And, if you had to make the remix that way, was putting Common in some funkless, oranged out, early 80s graphic design wanker computer shitstorm the way to promote it?

Whoever's responsible for this, know that you've managed to take one of the most talented MCs in the game and put him into a situation where he looks wacker than "Pumps and a Bump" era Hammer. This is an entirely short-cited attempt to squeeze as much life out of LWFC as possible with zero respect for Common's long-term success, which he's worked so hard to build. My main hope is that no one sees or hears this video--maybe it won't piss off hip-hop's base that way, and Com can lick his wounds and come back strong on the next album. My fear, though, is he's going to get tagged with this atrocity the way PE got tagged for their Anthrax cover. Credibility evaporated, game set match.

My secondary hope is that all parties responsible for this remix get the pink slip to go along with their XMas bonuses.

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