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20359, assalism...
Posted by grannie, Mon Jan-15-01 05:21 AM
is more of a fleshalistic thing.. but since fleshalistic isn't really a word.. imma use material for now.

i don't think that weedalistic or reeferlistic or ganjalistic is a word either but if you ask me, i think only rastafarians can be ganjalistic.. so D would have to be weedalistic since he's too young to be reeferlistic; that's more for people my parent's age..like if stevie wonder smoked weed, he'd be reeferlistic because he's over 50 you see?

but for white people over 50, they'd be POTalistic cuz they are alwasy calling weed pot, right?..yeah, D is verrry weedalistic since he's from the east coast. now if he were from the west coast like snipp diggity do doggy, he'd be chronicalistic.

i'll hafta think of something else to go here. jerks.