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Topic subjectthe root clarifies
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20351, the root clarifies
Posted by the root, Mon Jan-15-01 06:55 AM
Wass up y'all, thanks for the thoughts. Quest, I feel you as far as not censoring Red and Meth goes, I love their style, their delivery, and even their crazy ass personalities. All I'm sayin is I like some consistency in tone etc...And I do love the fact that D says "who am I to justify, when I myself feel the highs of all that I despise." I feel the same way as D, I think we all do. People are idealistic, but to survive in this world we're gonna have to play the game at least somewhat, and we also will always have shortcomings. Temptation is temptation, I think strip clubs are wrong, but I love em. I don't want to eat meat, but I can't help it sometimes, etc...All I'm sayin is that I don't think they were the best choice for guest appearance. You could have kept that sexy tone, that heated intensity with a rapper who wouldn't have professed the same values as Red and Meth. You coulda had Mos spit some krazy sexy ass verse, or Common, these guys aren't always just about social criticism (i.e. "Oh No). And maybe I'm being too sensitive and uptight, but why do we have to condone statements like "fuck em, leave em...". Is that how we feel? This album has to be a representation of D, even as far as guest appearances go. If I had an album, I would make sure my guest appearances weren't contradictory to my beliefs and wouldn't make women feel exploited. Fucoct, hehe, just means whack, me and my boyz use it, I think it has hebrew origins, my jewish boy explained it to me once.

"they say you are what you eat, so I strove to eat healthy, my goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy, cuz true wealth comes from good health and wise ways" -Dead Prez