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Topic subjectNot Materialistic At All
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20342, Not Materialistic At All
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-15-01 03:03 AM
I don't think D is caught up in that materialistic BS. He never flashes jewelry, cars, and the like-when you see him, he rocks wifebeaters and jeans-nothing fancy. The other point is Meth & Red have their own style-and D invited them to perform on L&R. I don't think the song would have been as good without them, and is one of the best dance cuts from the album! Even though they talkin bout tits and ass-the song has a certain "Erotic" feel to it. I guess I say that because of the video too..........

I don't want him 'cause of what he doin to you-and you dont need em-'cause he 'aint ready!-Ms. Badu

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