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Topic subjectThat song is a bout a damn stripper
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20341, That song is a bout a damn stripper
Posted by JustLisa, Mon Jan-15-01 03:00 AM
which could be considered objectification in an of itself. I believe Meth&Red (NOT D'ANGELO, necessarily) brought an all too real perspective of what many men think about women who choose to shake their ass & tits, get a nukka on hard and take their money. At least that's my take on it.

Ain't saying shyt's right, not condonding it, just offering my point of view. Me personally? I coulda done without the "drop that ass when I'm finished and watch it smoke" references. . .but then again, that's all a lot of those broads expect anyway.

One more thing, I wonder why D' wrote that song about "a beautiful exotic dancer" he was seeing and then let Meth & 'nem come and flip the script like that. Wonder what SHE thought?