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Topic subjectdevil's pie
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20339, devil's pie
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Mon Jan-15-01 03:39 AM
what's great about this song is the way that it does not stand on a pulpit o moral authority to denounce the wrongs of society. he readily admits his complicity in the issue: "who am i to justify all the evil in our eye/when i myself feel the high from all that i despise." you get caught up in it... if you were in that position, YOU'D get caught up too, irrespectve of how righteous you might think you are. and that conflict (betwen the flesh & the spirit) is what soul music has always been about. and that's one of the reasons most "coffeehouse soul" is so boring... the artists come off as if they're SO righteous already. there's no conflict... no story.