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Topic subjectwhat can a nigga do?
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20337, what can a nigga do?
Posted by grannie, Mon Jan-15-01 02:41 AM
we talked about this a while back..someone asked about how D could include meth and redman in L&R when the stuff they were saying was so mysoginistic..all that "fuck 'em, leave 'em get the money ..etc"

i don't fully remember ?uest's response to that but he did mention that he and D felt some uneasiness about what they were saying.. or rather how people would feel about what they were saying. he said they tried it with Q-tip but that Q-tip's rap didn't seem to fit into the song .. anyway, how do we know that's not how D really feels about money and women?

hell, he says himself in devil's pie that he "feels the high of all that i despise" or something like that. so he's not immune from those feelings about getting money and girls and weed and whatever.

i think devil's pie is more anti-overkill than anti-anything else. the song is talking about folks who only value material things; and value it to such a degree that they'll sell their souls for it.
i'll hafta think of something else to go here. jerks.