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Topic subjectd'angelo materialistic?
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20336, d'angelo materialistic?
Posted by the root, Sun Jan-14-01 10:50 PM
yo, I love D, soooo much, but I just wanted to bring up a kinda fucoct point. I love Devil's Pie (track 2), it's probably my favorite cut on the album, I like it's message, the beat, whatever. I guess I'm in my inspired college stage during which I want to save the world, and so I like the whole anti-materialism message. But right after that on the next track Red and Meth are sayin "get the money the weed, the hoes, etc...". Just when you get hope that D has the right idea he supports rappers who keep that annoying commercial hip hop mentality flourishing.

"they say you are what you eat, so I strove to eat healthy, my goal in life is not to be rich or wealthy, cuz true wealth comes from good health and wise ways" -Dead Prez