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20333, Dude,
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-02-01 06:25 PM
The people and artists on this site work HAAAARD. If you've ever worked HAAAAARD in your life than you would know why the updates are the way they are and you wouldn't be writing this post.

You're like one of those very few, yet very annoying listeners who used to call the radio station whining and bitching at me cause they didn't like the last hour of music.

Angie puts 100% into this site every damn day. It wouldn't be here without her. Any REAL Okayplayer recognizes this and wouldn't be ignant enough as to complain about lack of news (it ain't her fault!)

Besides, I'd like to see you to write updates that are as quirky and humorous as the ones she writes. Without any news. And without a window to look out.

It ain't easy. I know, I write out of a basement.

Just thought I'd throw that in there . . .

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