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Topic subjectI don't know how they do
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20327, I don't know how they do
Posted by JustLisa, Fri Dec-29-00 08:02 PM
ANY of it myself. It's obviously a labor of love. It's only natural for people to get a raincoat when they think they're being shitted upon, hence the response(s).

I enjoy the interaction and I know there is no way in TWO H*ELLS I could come near stepping up to the plate with this sort of determination.

And although I somewhat agree with your point, it's not always what you say but how you say it. The sad truth is that it seems a lot of "them" are no where near as interested as ?uest in contributing to this site. Let's pray that changes because I think this is definitely precedents that OKP is setting, regardless of what anyone deem to be a "shortcoming". . .however minor.

P.S. I think the overall makeover is a STEP ^, kudos. . .