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Topic subjecti like the updates...
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20320, i like the updates...
Posted by B, Fri Dec-29-00 01:33 AM
they give me and ang a chance to try out new material. yes, that's right, we both would have been stand up comedians...if we didn't like computers so dern much. and work. 'cuz it really is hard to write something meaningful, coherent, and funny in 3 paragraphs (now even shorter) when all you know is black thought is in the studio, and common will be on tv (but it ain't even next week, so now i gotta tell you that again when it actually is going to happen).

see my wed, dec 27 update - the one where i said that the labels have shut down for the holidays. 'tis the season for nothing to happen. that's why i wrote about the sports board. there's a lot of sports going on. good material there. and guess what...princeton is the squad in college lacrosse! didn't know that yesterday. okayplayer really is swell!

anybody got d's number? i'll give him a ring, see what he's up to. oh yeah, quest just said d was chilling. so i'll tell you about that in my next update.

happy kwanzaa!

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