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Topic subjectRE: The daily updates really suck nowadays
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20319, RE: The daily updates really suck nowadays
Posted by guest, Thu Dec-28-00 11:44 PM
jesus' hairy nuts, what the hell is up with the sudden uproar over the new look of the site? aint shit changed...

okp is still a place where people who like (or dont like) the roots and/or d'angelo and/or dilated peoples and/or reflection eternal and/or the jazzyfatnastees and/or the boondocks and/or any other thing can discuss butt plugs and hip hop. hell its not even required that you like any of the above. okp is still run by those who bust their ass to provide a place where people can chill the eff out online.

this extends to all things: if you dont like it, leave it the fuck alone.

now its clear why shes called stress...

and yes part of the reason im defending her is cause i got a link on the front page to my post in activist. post links for all!!!!!!

that and she once laughed at my questlove throwpillow idea.

hey stress you have a thing for lazy unemployed skinny not quite short/not quite tall/not even quite right moody but funny and constantly constipated native american sociology majors who tried to make it to the toilet last week in the dark to throw up but instead ran into a wall and threw up all over said wall?

*off to cry myself to sleep*


heeeeeeeeeeeeeere's siggy!

"Yuhh buhhhh!"
-- Arseface