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Topic subjectThanks for the hard work
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20311, Thanks for the hard work
Posted by MaineRapKingB, Fri Dec-29-00 09:24 PM
Thats what I like to hear Quest. I appreciate hearing stuff like that because that is what I am most interested in, what my idols are doing every day. I wish the rest of the crew were as into the boards as you.


to the entire okayplayer staff....

This is the best artist/s site on the web. I spend way too much time online and I know that this is HANDS DOWN the best site on the net. I was just trying to make some constructive criticism and I am glad you guys read it. BTW i think working at okayplayer would be a dream come true, the OKP phenomenon is pretty hot in itself and the site is the driving force for it. Thanks for all your hard work for okayplayer.com and especially taking the time to address my concerns.

Peace and Love

I wish all Okayplayers a safe and happy New Years!!!