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20308, RE: update
Posted by conesbitt1, Fri Dec-29-00 06:33 AM

, wondered what the fuss
>over the new ludacris single
>is about.

i guess its just catchy, everytime i hear it i get hype.


nigga, stop being so got damn selfish..put in ya pelvis@ Andre 3000

, but we hold on to each other, knowing that one day God will allow us to be together for good.-LoveJones


Bullshit-seen it, smelled it, look at it, abused by it, sent money on it.
See, me and bullshit have a love/hate relationship,we fuck around with other from time to time. But, when Bullshit gets on my nerves, I tell it to get the fuck on. But, I love Bullshit so we cool for right now