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20305, whoa...
Posted by guest, Thu Dec-28-00 11:39 PM
couldn't have asked for a better update than that one right there. wish i could have heard bilal. didn't him and musiq grow up together? are they friends, or just hometown acquaintances? just curious. peace, love, and soul!!!

COMING MARCH 27TH, 2001: BILAL, 1st BORN SECOND!!!!!!!!!

". . . But if we label this
just picture what we might
that unexpected kiss, the
feeling that brought me
to you--

meanwhile my feelings
grow. . ."
-Bilal's "Love Poems"

"I was born as a second child
All I got was hand me downs
All that is what was left . . ."
-Bilal's "Second Child"

"I am fascinated by the history of our music. Jazz is a whorehouse. The original booty shake." -Bilal

"Bilal WILL be an Okayartist!!" -me

"Bilal doesn't sound like D... I swear guys, trust me on this!" -thebigfunk

"When you rhyme you get people's attention and if you have all the people's attention and all you can do is say, 'Yo, put yo' hands up,' you just fuckin' wasted that fuckin' moment! You wasted it! Do you realize what you coul have done?" Saul Williams