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Posted by qoolquest, Thu Dec-28-00 11:26 PM
today i...
woke up.
watched the view.
erased a beat i spent 11 hours working on for riq.
got a storefront house appraised.
took in a meeting.
ran to petstore to buy my mom some fish.
worked out at gym.
scrapped a beat i made for the new babyface album.
worked on another jawn for riq.
argued with scratch about missing evian water.
promised my sister that i'd see her band perform at the north star bar.
went to a brave new world to watch a deranged bilal scare the shit out of his hometown audience.
laughed hard as hell when he mangled musiq's "just friends" in his "soul sista" ad-libs. no one in audience caught it. but me and james.
ran to his after jawn only to realize as the dj was playing that: the neptunes do the same beat, the sound of jigga's voice makes women dance, "lift you fist" is probably the best mix i've ever done at our philadelphia studio, i really really hope timb gives riq a jawn as addictive as "snnnnnnnooooooop dawwwwgg", wondered what the fuss over the new ludacris single is about.

left early cause a drunken negroe insists that his 2 year internship at action news should be enough experience to direct a music video of the roots.

ate salad.
thinking of good ass excuse for why i neglected to call ang when i said that i'd call her after i went to gym (absent minded...sorry)
bout to watch sesame street on noggin.
see d online, think i'll IM him....
d: i ain't doin nothin but chillin!

there you have it.

december is........