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20303, I aktually...
Posted by guest, Thu Dec-28-00 08:47 PM
like the site redesigning and the Flash intro's.

As far as the news is concerned - I don't think it's angieee's job to be their puppy dog and follow all the members of The Roots around trying to gather information for the updates page.

I believe that the updates are more than fine. If there's a slow news day then there's a slow news day. It's not like The Roots and affiliated artists are doing something interesting and so important for an update.

"Ohh...?uest just got done taking a shit. Talib and Hi-Tek aren't here right now, but you can believe I'm going to get on the phone and bug them to tell me what they did for the last week!"

give me a break.

stress and B hold it down lovely in the update sektion.



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