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Topic subjectyep, they suck
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20300, yep, they suck
Posted by guest, Thu Dec-28-00 08:43 PM
>Okayplayers hear me out and tell
>the site what you think:

hi, it's not a site, it's actual people. :-)
>What happened to the daily updates
>with some actual news about
>the Okayartists.

Well, if someone would call and let us know what they are doing, or if we could get a publicist who feels like doing extra work call and tell us what they are doing, then everything would be straight.

But, we're a staff of THREE on the web side, and that is everything from sales, to mailing list, to server admin, to e-mail answerer, to programmer, to designer, etc...Three people.

So, if no one (and I made all the artists and their managers booklets on "guide to okayplayer) is letting me know what they are doing, and i cannot (i am still here at 1:30am answering e-mails and trying to play catch-up and fixing broken shit on the site and i started at 10am...this is nonstop shit here)...and i cannot play chase with people all day to find out what they are up to, what am i supposed to do besides keep what i DO find on the front page of artists sites and update on the community?

Back in
>the early days of this
>site there was actually NEWS
>about what The Roots were

Yes, that was me. It was just me, and just the roots. they were all in philly. the site was much smaller. i would bust my ass with a funsaver camera to get the news. i cannot chase everyone. what do you suggest i do? and no, there is no money to hire "chasers". All the roots weren't working on solo projects either. Lots are now, so they are not in one place.

MAYBE, just maybe
>there was the occasional link
>to a boards discussion, but
>now the daily updates are
>filled with that bullshit.

Don't read them, maybe? Just a suggestion.

>We can all read the
>boards for ourselves, we dont
>need links to ten meaningless
>threads each day.

Then yell at the artists, publicists, etc...whoever you think ain't doing they job. We could have fucking quit. We could have said "eff this" and not even given okayplayers shine.

>I come to the site to
>see what the okayartists are
>up to,

see their sections. see posts on this board. That's all we know. Matter of fact, everyone is mostly in studio or "chilling" between albums.

where they will
>be touring, what projects they
>are working on, what they
>are doing etc etc.

And all I know, and I bust my ass to get this info, is on their sites.

>Please try and incorporate more
>news and less links to
>the discussion board.

I'll see if B wants to. I know I'm like "whatever".

>enjoy the daily picture but
>ENOUGH with the links to
>the board. It has
>been over two weeks since
>there was any real roots
>news at all, and all
>that was was the picture
>of Thought and the news
>that "he's not shaving his
>locks". What great news.

Okay. Thought's in studio. Over and over and over and over.

> Dont the okaywebmasters know
>any Roots news?

That's the point. We are WEBMASTERS and everything else you could think of that work at a website (sect, gopher, writers, etc.) We are not researchers, but we do our best. :-) I don't know what to tell you. The most recent news is on their site. there is only so many times i can say "thought is still in studio" cause that's where he is!

>Please someone with an OK icon
>respond to this and defend
>yourself on why your update
>doesnt have and actual news
>in it and is full
>of your favorite discussion board

I did. I don't need to defend myself, though. Shit, we ain't got a writing staff, a research staff, a design staff, a sect, all that. People don't want the site to get "too big", but when the signs of us being small and overworked start to show, all they do is bitch...hmmm...

Slow down on
>the flash intro's and site
>redesigns and work on something
>that the fans actually care

I've always known fans care about content. I, however, care about my sanity. That's why I should be in bed now. Doh! But, in order to keep ANY part of this site around, we have to do outside work and stay up till crazy late.

Oh, and defend ourselves.

dammit. Lord deliver me.

Best to you. Happy holidays.

http://www.okayplayer.com/etc/images/ang/broke.html - you know you want to.

angieee ('stress)

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