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Topic subjectThe daily updates really suck nowadays
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20299, The daily updates really suck nowadays
Posted by MaineRapKingB, Thu Dec-28-00 07:49 PM
Okayplayers hear me out and tell the site what you think:

What happened to the daily updates with some actual news about the Okayartists. Back in the early days of this site there was actually NEWS about what The Roots were doing. MAYBE, just maybe there was the occasional link to a boards discussion, but now the daily updates are filled with that bullshit. We can all read the boards for ourselves, we dont need links to ten meaningless threads each day.

I come to the site to see what the okayartists are up to, where they will be touring, what projects they are working on, what they are doing etc etc. Please try and incorporate more news and less links to the discussion board. I enjoy the daily picture but ENOUGH with the links to the board. It has been over two weeks since there was any real roots news at all, and all that was was the picture of Thought and the news that "he's not shaving his locks". What great news. Dont the okaywebmasters know any Roots news?

Please someone with an OK icon respond to this and defend yourself on why your update doesnt have and actual news in it and is full of your favorite discussion board threads. Slow down on the flash intro's and site redesigns and work on something that the fans actually care about. Respond. Peace.