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Topic subjectRE: Biggest OkayArtists' Album Disappointment For You
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20294, RE: Biggest OkayArtists' Album Disappointment For You
Posted by synonomous, Sun Jan-14-01 08:30 PM
I don't know how you could say RE was dissappointing, I loved that shit. I could listen to the entire album from beginning to end, and its like a journey.

Like water for chocolate, though there are definitely some songs that I tend to skip, definitely made me happy, mostly because of song for assatta, geto heaven 2, the light, 6th sense, ok, that part about songs a skip... ignore it

The Platform is hot, I mean, it doesn't have your typical Okayartist depth, imo, but the beats are great, and it just gets me pumped, if im listenin in my car, i have a hard time controlling the steering wheel

Come Alive - It takes me back to their concerts everytime I listen to it, doesn't have every song on there, but it wasn't supposed to be "the entire roots collection comes alive" soo....

My dissappointment would have to be dice raw. I can't listen to much of the album, and I think who ever said this put it best when they said they only like dice in small doses, one verse per song, guest appearances dot dot dot...

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