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Topic subjectIt would be Dice, but...
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20285, It would be Dice, but...
Posted by alek, Sun Jan-14-01 12:17 AM
...but after hearing the new cuts on tour, I wasn't expecting much more than I got (only two deep tracks, weak production, can't listen all the way through and wouldn't want to anyway). So no disappointment.

So really Roots Come Alive is closest to a disappointing release (even though it still KILLS). I wanted tracks from a variety of years, some stuff from when songs were being worked out live for TFA and Illadelph, and some performances from 96-97 tours. Also some of the more adventurous material (covers, tricky remixes), and where were the solos? Not a live Roots experience without them.


It's Planet Asia week:

"It's off the hook, yeah we took it there..."

"This be that cold shit of course, cause I was forced by the streets to rock beats and sell source..."

"A father ain't a father till he furthers your existence..."

"In a couple of seconds you'll be feeling fondled..."

"You got a beeper, but still you comin' up with lint..."