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Topic subjecti agree and disagree
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20281, i agree and disagree
Posted by atruhead, Tue Jan-16-01 02:47 PM
>dice raw for sure.


dice is
>one of those mc's who
>i can only stand in
>small doses.(guest appearances)

Heres where I disagree, his album lacked substance and concept, and the beats couldve used work. But still he can rhyme, hes held it down the last 3 roots albums

"fire being celibate is about as credible as James Brown modeling for Ralph Lauren"- j_y

"i normally dongt get drunk and post but i just had a bottle of chianti and im feelin good as hell. i cant wait for sopranano to go back on. tony soprano is ab bad motherfuca lemme tell you. THis chck from my school just logged off aol and man i would love to hit this chick off. BANGIN! Shes half puerto rican half dominican and hafl forget about it. i'd blaze off half now and save the other half for nexts semester if i could word up. shes that fly."- drunk naz